Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.)
Course Description
Life of Christ I
Gives you a deep understanding of the person and works of our Savior. It is structured on the basis of the Life of Christ arranged in a chronological harmony. Each of the four Gospels is introduced individually, however, its unique contribution is consistently recognized throughout. Several maps and charts are systemically wedged into the study to

help you develop a firmer grasp on events, times, dates, and periods significant in the earthly Life of Christ.

Old Testament Bible Survey

The main purpose of this survey is to involve you in a firsthand knowledge of the Old Testament. All too often students (and teachers/pastors) read what others say is contained in a certain book of the Bible and fail to spend time reading and/or studying the Bible text for themselves. Every person placed in a position to teach or preach in the local church should have taken a Bible survey of the Old and New Testaments. Omega’s OT Bible Survey will involve you in Biblical application, background study of OT books, survey, prominent subjects, customs, political climates, major religious and political figures, and key words and verses. In addition, there are more than 50 charts and maps that will guide you to a deeper understanding of the Old Testament. Both the Old and New Testaments make up the inspired Scriptures, but some feel the New Testament should replace the Old. In actuality, the New Testament is the sequel to the Old Testament’s origins, heir of its promises, fruit of its seed, and the peak of its mountain. At the completion of this OT survey, you will be faced with the reality you didn’t know as much as you thought you did before you began the study.

New Testament Bible Survey

The New Testament is the “new birthplace” of a Christian because this is where God’s divine power transforms one from the old to a new life. In a Christian, there is a hunger in his/her heart to read and study the New Testament because God gave the written Word not only for the believer’s salvation but for his/her edification —- food for growing, maturing, and serving. With our New Testament survey, one will be able to gain deep insights about the entire New Testament and not just about selected parts. Omega’s New Testament survey is one of the most thorough in existence, unlike some abbreviated versions offered by other colleges, seminaries, and universities.

Faith (Powerful Faith in Words and Works)

Every believer desires more faith. This study will strength you to grow stronger in faith, building a foundation that help’s you handle difficult struggles and conflicts in life. With its workbook style of learning, it covers many questions and concerns about faith such as: The Biblical View of Faith; How to Use Your Energy to Focus on and Understand Life   Applications; the History of Faith; the Gift of faith; the Choice of Faith; Healing Faith; Faith and the Miraculous; Faith during Suffering; Saving Faith; Faith and Restoration;  Faith and Prosperity; Faith and Prayer; and Prevailing Faith. This study is comprehensive and will help you gain a basic, yet solid understanding of “faith’ and how to apply its principles.
Understanding Your Bible (HermeneuticsI)
HelpBible students, ministers, young and old alike learn to study Scripture conveniently, as well as, accurately interpret it. Presents solid principles of Bible interpretation and the necessary tools for “rightly dividing the Word.” Rather than trying to make sense of the Bible after reading difficult passages, now you will be able to properly exegete Scripture

without error. In addition, the study gives general rules for reading the Bible’s ordinary language and the specific principles that apply to special types of language such as parables, figures of speech, and prophecy. At the conclusion of the study, there is a section that discusses how the Bible applies to our daily lives.

Book of Acts

This is a self-study guide and workbook that will help you study the Book of Acts as never before. The Book of Acts records the history and spread of God’s kingdom in human lives from Jerusalem to Rome, citing the outpouring and witness of the Holy Spirit, and His power working through ordinary Christians. This in-depth study-guide introduces ordinary people experiencing extraordinary grace and shows how their faith released the miracle-working power of God. As you undertake this study, you will explore life-changing encounters with the Spirit’s power, you will learn how to receive and live in the Holy Spirit’s promise and power, how to minister freely to others, and how Christians can live together as God’s new expanding family.

Bible Doctrine

This foundational study is a must for every believer. No man or woman will progress  without understanding the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith. The study of Bible Doctrine cannot take the place of the Bible, but will prove useful to those who study it along with the Bible.True believers know that all Bible doctrines although compiled by humans constitute the positive teaching of God Himself.

Religious Cults  

Explains the meaning of “cult.” Gives the history, theology, and methods of cultic evangelism;explains the dangers and growth potential of religious cults. An update is given concerning cults in worldwide missions. Expresses the need for sound evangelical education and training in the local church that will equip the saints to combat the spread of false theology and cultism.

Life & Teachings of Paul

Experience what Paul experienced by studying the times, pressures, and the difficulties of the great Apostle. Different than other studies on Paul, this course focuses on his “Jewish Theology” and explains how Judaism influenced the young theologian more than Hellenism. This study reveals Saul of Tarsus as a man who, though rejected in the synagogue, never truly left Judaism. This skewed notion has led to widely divergent interpretations of Paul’s writings. Paul never asserted a negative view toward the Torah, he was always positive, and he separates Jesus’ mission among the Jews from His call to the Gentiles.

OT Minor Prophets

Many Christians feel to study the Minor Prophets would not be fruitful, but this study will show how these ancient prophets still speak to believers today in a relevant manner. By exploring the theme of each book in the context of history and revelation, you will learn how the prophets teach us about the truth, the majesty of God, courage and hope, injustice and judgment, trusting and loving God, and many other spiritual precepts.

Spiritual Warfare

When some Christians think of “spiritual warfare,” they may be consumed with worry about what Satan will do to them next. Others have been taught they have authority over the demonic hosts and can cast them out with the Word of God. Worst of all some ignore the spiritual battle being fought right in their midst. Using the Bible as a base of authority, this course answers such ageless questions as: “What is demon possession? Can a Christian be demon possessed? Do demons make you sin? Can pagan objects haunt you? What is Satan’s strategy? Is exorcism biblical?” The strategy learned from this course is simple: You can resist the Devil and rest in the knowledge that God is in control over all things.


A defense of the Scripture – Every Christian to some extent is an “apologist” (one who defends the Scripture), and the world needs more Christian “apologists” than ever. Today, many people are leaving the Christian faith because they believe the Bible is full of contradictions. The truth is, the Bible when understood properly never contradicts itself. In this study, you will learn things such as archaeological discoveries that relate to events in Scripture, the fallacies of Islam, and why a good God allows evil to exist. This study provides clear, powerful, and persuasive answers to many questions. The study draws on a wealth of Bible research and point-by-point logic refined during years of lecture tours by the two authors. Hundreds of confusing passages of Scripture and many of your unanswered questions will now be explained and answered. In this study, you will find questions and answers on almost everything in the Bible, God, miracles, world religions, believing, faith, creation accounts, and much more. At the completion of this course, your faith will be stronger and more mature as you will have learned precisely why Christianity stands up to even the toughest scrutiny.

Gospel of John 

This study is a self-study guide and workbook. It explores Jesus’ public ministry, His ministry to the disciples, and His passion and resurrection, it offers you knowledge of eternal life in His name. By studying the Book of John, you will be led to a stronger faith and a better understanding of Christ’s promise of abundant life centered in His words and works. Be prepared to focus your study time and energy in the Word of God, and learn insights into the people and places described in it. Comprehensive in scope, this study offers a basic understanding of Jesus’ life and ministry while he walked among the people He loved. You will find this study a rich resource for gaining a solid, yet through understanding of the themes found in the Book of John.

Christian Leadership 

This self-study guide and workbook assists you in becoming a spiritual leader and will show you how to gain experience, sensitivity, faith,and ability to relate to people in a caring and motivational manner. You’ll learn how to develop sensitivity to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, understand the need for a Godly lifestyle, encourage others, and deepen the roots of your ministry in a vital relationship with God. It will help you to move into a deeper dimension to enjoy the spiritual riches of God as revealed in His Word.


Church Leadership / Management

  This study encourages leadership, growth, and discipleship at its best by showing you how to teach and delegate, thereby enabling lay people to grow spiritually as they use their gifts to the fullest.

Church Parliamentary Law

In clear, concise language, the author helps you to understand the fundamental principles and operations of parliamentary order. A practical study with a chart of motions and examples from real life.

Customs & Manners of Bible Times

By knowing the Oriental manners and customs of Bible times, you gain a deeper understanding of Biblical passages, family life, trades, education, agriculture, and shepherding. Study detailed accounts of ancient customs regarding marriage, education, farming, dress, economics, food, housing, worship, and more.

Pronouncing Biblical Names & Places 

Few seminaries or Bible colleges offer this course, but it’s a necessity for speakers and teachers.  Even skilled expositors and pastors often stumble when it comes to pronouncing Biblical names and places.  Once you’ve taken this study, you’ll not worry any longer about looking ignorant to your audience, but you’ll approach your text, your sermon, or teaching with confidence because you’ll have the assurance that you are pronouncing all Biblical names and places correctly. The textbook uses wording based on the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, plus the most widely accepted modern English usage. It should always be by your side, but a handy CD-ROM is also provided for you as well to use on your computer at home, your office, or with your lap-top computer while you’re on the road traveling. The CD-ROM is especially useful for those who aren’t sure what the textbook is saying, since the correct verbal pronunciation is given for over 7000 words. 

Homiletics I 

A practical study preparing you to preach the Word. Presented in a simple and concise manner; this study is intentionally simple in its format and its explanation of the homiletical task. It is solid in its theology and Biblical in its approach. Students, ministers, and teachers will welcome this study. 

Homiletics II

An in-depth study to aid the serious pastor, teacher, and evangelist in communication skills, sermon preparation, and delivery. In this marvelous study, preachers who want to be great at homiletics will learn to weave history, theology, and hermeneutics into a practical, comprehensive, and contemporary text on sermon preparation and preaching. Best of all, the textbook Omega has chosen is free of jargon and the technical language of most homiletics and  preaching textbooks. 

Pastoral Theology

An excellent study concerning the Pastor and his God, his church, the pulpit, himself,and his friends. This study provides many tips on “How to excel as a pastor.” Part two of the text examines pastoral activities such as funerals, marriages, counseling, hospital visitations,and a code of ethics.


Every Christian needs to know and understand the scriptural view of tithing. It is necessary for one to rediscover God’s principles about money and tithing so the church can be revolutionized. This study will spark your mind and bring about a renewed commitment to support God’s work, in God’s way, and through God’s people. You will learn why Christians should tithe, the origin of tithing, the Gospel and the Law, the blessings of tithing, and the questions most often asked about tithing.

Bible Difficulties

The author, a theologian and historian, carefully focuses on the importance of language, archaeology, cultural context, numerology, and many other details to discover the meaning of difficult passages in the Bible. Many questions others ask you will be answered in this study.This study will equip you to stand firm in your knowledge because many ambiguities are cleared up and answered.

Attributes of God 

An in-depth study and understanding of the divine attributes of God are significant for today’s preacher, teacher, and lay person. Learn that God is an invisible, personal, and living Spirit, distinguished from all other spirits by several kinds of attributes: metaphysically God is self-existent, eternal, and unchanging; intellectually God is omniscient. Learn more about the many attributes of God from this study.

Biblical Counseling 

Become “effective” in your role as a Biblical counselor by learning how to integrate Biblical principles into a paradigm pointing to the basic needs of people. Learn how to influence and motivate the heart and minds of people to function properly in a Biblical manner.

Foreign Missions  

This complete study in foreign missions discusses the “means and history” of missions,the methods of the local church, how to qualify missionaries, and how to gain the manpower needed to go into all the world with the Gospel.

Book of Matthew

This course makes use of Harbuck’s Commentary on Matthew. It’s a unique commentary that uses more than 52 topical headings, and is based on two parallel versions, the King James Version and the New Millennia In-depth Bible (NMIB), the NMIB being a translation produced by the author, Dr. Henry Harbuck. The knowledge and depth of what you’ll learn from this study will exceed your expectation and give you a solid understanding of the Jewish background and thoughts that prevailed during the period that Matthew penned his gospel account. You’ll enjoy using this Commentary as a companion to your Study Bible, but be surprised at the in-depth notes and information in the commentary that aren’t found in any Study Bibles.   


Church Growth I  

One of the nation’s church growth experts examines the problems found in the local church and why the entire church world must change its thinking in order to expand. Found in this study is professional advice on how to bring more people into your church. All clergy and church professionals are looking for solid, tested ways to build a larger and more dynamic membership. This indispensable study tells you how.

Evangelism & Discipleship 

Various aspects are discussed such as: knowing God, spiritual duties, humility, and the shaping of one’s character. While specific procedures of evangelism & discipleship change over the years, the basic pattern must be understood. Learn how the New Testament Church’s principles for ministry are still valuable, vital, and valid for the church today.


You will select an elective from the Elective List