Students who have difficulty with spelling, reading, writing, or comprehension may be required to take one or all of the following courses. There is no charge for these studies and no credit is awarded.
*Correct English – *Comprehensive English – *Spelling – *Better Writing Skills



All coursework submitted for degree studies become the property of Omega. Coursework will not be returned, so you must make a photocopy for your own records.



Omega reserves the right to substitute any course at any time for any reason. The likelihood of Omega substituting a course is rare, however, occasionally a book goes out of print and this forces Omega to substitute.


It is the student’s responsibility to notify OBIS when additional time is needed to complete a course. Omega’s guidelines for completing courses are: All 2-4 credit hour courses should be completed within an 8 week period; All 6 credit hour courses should be completed within a 12 week period; Each thesis should be completed within a 16 week period. Students are allowed 2 extensions per course based upon approval from the Academic Review Committee for extenuating circumstances. If a course is submitted within 30 days after the date of the second extension due date the student will receive an automatic grade point deduction. However, if a student is given 2 extensions and has not submitted the course within the 30 days following the 2nd extension due date, the student will have to retake the course and pay a $75.00 fee to retake the course.



If a student fails to complete his/her degree by the following degree program deadline, he/she must re-enroll under the current prices and forfeit all monies previously paid. If this occurs, the student will be given credit for courses taken, and the remaining courses not taken will have to be paid under the current catalog prices.

Degree Program & Deadline

Associate Degree – 2 years
Bachelor Degree – 3-4 years
Master Degree – 2 years
Doctorate Degree – 3 years
Ph.D. Degree – 3-4 years
The above deadlines may be decreased depending on the number of credits awarded upon enrollment in the degree program.