Master’s Degrees by Testing                      

(M.Min & Th.M.)


This program is a test of your knowledge. In this program, you are tested on the following subjects:

  • Old and New Testament Survey
  • Bible Doctrine
  • Bible Interpretation
  • Life of Christ
  • Book of Acts
  • Cults, World Religions, Sects, & New World Movements
  • Homiletics
  • Prophecy
  • Bible Difficulties
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Bible History & Geography
  • Church History
  • Customs & Manners of the Bible
  • Bible Doctrine & Theology – 80 questions
  • Church Growth & Development – 50 question
  • Biblical & Theological Terms – 60 questions (Parts I & II)
  • Principles of Christian Psychology- 50 questions
  • Evangelical Theology – General Knowledge – 90 questions (Parts I, II & III)



Upon successful completion of the test, and after all tuition requirements are met, you will receive your degree and transcripts. If, however, you do not    receive a passing score of 75% in any subject, you will be required to take a course in that subject. The courses are FREE, that is, there is no extra tuition charged beyond the original agreement. Upon completion of the required courses, you will receive your degree.