Degree by Testing 

This special accelerated degree program (by testing) is designed  to assess the amount of biblical knowledge and wisdom that a pastor/minister/missionary/chaplain has gained through his/her ministry.

Once you have taken the exam and passed ALL sections you will be awarded your degree.  If, however, there are some areas that you do not receive a passing score in, you will be required to take courses in those areas.  There will NOT be any additional charge for these courses.  Upon completion of the required courses, you will then receive your degree. 
NOTE:  All financial obligations must be met before you are awarded your degree.
  • 30 years of age or older
  • Provide a full ministry resume
  • Have 8+ years of ministry experience (pastoral, evangelist, missionary, chaplain, etc.)
  •  Provide 2 letters of recommendation

     -must have know the applicant for > 5 years

     -must be on the recommender’s letterhead

     -letters must be from a ministry field such as:





Bible Teacher

     -letters must contain certain information:

  • Years known, confirmation of details of resume
  • Complete a doctrinal statement of Salvation, Trinity, Holy Spirit, Water Baptism
  • Provide a recent photograph of him/herself


Degrees Offered: