Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Course Title
Christian Philosophy 
Exegetical Fallacies
Early Christian Beliefs I
Early Christian Beliefs II
Apocalyptic Literature 
Parables (Old Testament & New Testament)
World Religions
Christian Ethics
Figures of Speech I
Figures of Speech II
Miracles (Old Testament & New Testament)
Language (Your choice of Hebrew or Ugaritic)
Biblical Ambiguities 
Theological Terms and Meanings 
*At this point students have an option of selecting a specialty (major/emphasis) from the following areas (each require 18 credit hours): 
  • Biblical Studies
  • Missiology (Missions)
  • Church Management & Administration 
  • Women Studies
  • Church Growth
  • Pastoral/Christian Counseling
  • Christian Apologetics
  • Biblical Languages (Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic)
  • Church History
  • Evangelical Theology 
Thesis (Four theses of 5,000 words each)
Total Credit Hours: 75
Prerequisite to enroll: A recognized Master’s Degree.