Why a Test?

Tests are used throughout the world to validate a student’s knowledge in specific areas. Because this methodology effectively proves one’s abilities, it makes sense to offer an accelerated method (test) by which to advance a person who qualifies through age and experience. This is the logic behind our tests – it’s an exam designed to accurately assess your biblical knowledge and experience, and expedite the attainment of your degree!


How did “Degree by Testing” begin?

Degree by Testing is not a new concept. The idea was pioneered by the world’s celebrated universities of Great Britain in the 1800’s. While, theoretically, it is true that Omega Seminary is not the originator of the Degree by Testing concept, it is one of the first institutions in America to offer high level academic tests in the field of ministry and theology.


What is the logic behind a “Degree by Testing?”

Potential students often ask, “Why must I complete assignments in subjects that I already know?” With our testing idea, you need not be concerned about this. We understand that longtime ministers and lay workers have gained an incredible amount of knowledge in various areas, but have no way to document their knowledge. When these people contact various Bible institutes, colleges, seminaries, or universities, they are told, “We shall enroll you, but you must begin at the bottom.” This is, without doubt, discouraging to a potential student. Furthermore, a total of 40 credits is the standard limit given for life experience or prior academic training. Does this traditional institutionalized position make sense? The answer is NO! While this long held, traditional stance makes a lot of money for the educational institutions, it only serves to reduce the student’s pocketbook!


How do I benefit by taking the Omega test (s)?

  •  You are accelerated to a higher level by our tests, proving you possess the knowledge of one who holds a bachelor, master, or doctorate degree
  • Best of all, the tuition for Omega’s Degree by Testing program is nearly 50 percent less than its standard textbook or online degree study programs.


Why should I pay over $1,000 for a test (s)?

First, you must realize you are not merely taking a test (exam); you are taking a course of study to earn a degree. Allow us to explain: By taking our test (s), you are not required to spend arduous hours toiling to earn your degree. And should you not make a passing score in a specific section of the test, you will only be required to take a course in that section. So, with all things considered, Omega’s testing program is a well-founded idea. And it’s the best plan for one who meets the qualifications, because it is less costly and faster than our standard degree programs.  


Does my tuition increase if I am required to take studies that I did not pass?

The answer is NO! The original tuition stated and agreed upon in our official agreement does not increase.


What degrees may I earn by testing?

Omega offers

Three Bachelor Degrees: BBS., Th.B. and the B. Min

Two Master Degrees: Master of Theology (Th.M.) and the Master of Ministry (M.Min.)

Two Doctorate Degrees: Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) and the Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.)

NOTE: A person is permitted to earn only one degree by testing or Master/Doctor degrees by a combined approach. Example: If one earns a bachelor’s degree by testing, then he/she is required to earn other [graduate] degrees through Omega’s standard educational system by Distance Education.