Omega Bible Institute & Seminary holds its yearly graduation near the first of July. Students who have graduated during the previous year, or those who are three (3) or fewer courses from completion, may participate. Please contact our office by April 1st if you wish to participate in the graduation.
School rings are available for those graduating from Omega Bible Institute and Seminary. If you have graduated, or are within 6 months of completing your degree requirements, you may contact us for information on how to order your ring. 
Gowns & Doctoral Hoods
Graduates may choose to either rent or purchase their robes and hoods. All rentals and purchases are handled through Omega. Please contact our offices for more information.
Graduation Stole
Stoles are available for graduates of Omega Bible Institute & Seminary. If you have graduated or are within 3 months of completing your degree  requirements, you may contact us for more information.