Honorary Degree
Honorary degrees offered:

Doctor of Literature (Litt.D.)
Doctor of Divinity (D.Div.)

Applicant must:

1. 35 years of age or older
2. Provide a full ministry resume
3. Have 12+ years of ministerial experience (pastor, evangelist, chaplain, etc.)
4. Provide 3 letters of recommendation:
      – must have known applicant for > 5 years
      – must be on the recommender’s letterhead
      – letters must be from:

*1 public/community figure

*1 established minister

*1 scientist/educator/other of “diverse” and/or “secular” background

      – letters must contain certain information:

*years known

*confirmation of details of résumé

5. Complete a doctrinal statement of salvation, Trinity, Holy Spirit, baptism
6. Provide a recent photograph of him/herself

All required information must be submitted as a single package. All items must be typewritten:
handwritten material will not be accepted.

Serious applicants should telephone the Omega President or Academic Dean at



TOLL FREE at 1-888-837-4951 (US & Canada).