Omega Bible Institute & Seminary is one of the best Bible Institutes & Seminaries in the nation and global because of the staff, their belief, and faith in God. They all are spirit filled Christians that are full of love, joy, and happiness. You communicate with real people who care about God’s people and God’s business.

— Marilyn Ellison – TX (Graduate)

From the time I felt the call of God in my life to proclaim His gospel, my dream was to further my education by    attending a credible Bible College. But there was a problem, I was twenty-two years old, married, and working. I thought for a time it would never happen. Then about four years ago, I was reading a Christian magazine and discovered Omega Bible Institute & Seminary, and they made it possible for my dream to come true. Last year, I   received my Master of Theology. Thank God for Omega!

— Lowell Sparks, WV (Assemblies of God)

Since my involvement with Omega, God has provided me with the best professors. They help me to navigate the Christian life, eternal planning, and honoring God. As a result of the revelation teachings, the Holy Spirit has guided me in letting the Spirit operate fully in my life. Thank you! 

—Elouise Miller, FL (AEGA Ministries)

When time or other restraints do not allow for attending classes on site at school, there is another great alternative to those called of God to ministry; Omega Bible Institute & Seminary. The instructional material is challenging, and the end results are so rewarding.

— John Bell, CA (Missionary Baptist)

Today, morethan ever before in history, the pastor is expected to be wiser, more educated,aware of both human and world events. Omega is dedicated to deliver qualityeducation using all the technological advances of recent years. Designed withthe busy pastor in mind, Omega allowed me to complete my doctoral work whiledeployed with the US Army in two different conflicts. Their faculty prayed withme and discussed my work both academically and in the local church. I wouldrecommend Omega regardless of your theological background. They areconservative in their theology and view of scripture.

— Dave Rimel, NC(Southern Baptist)

 I was led to Omega at a time when I was searching for the best way to complete the necessary training for God’s call upon my life. Upon consultation, a method of study wasdesigned for me which will soon lead to the completion of a Master of Divinity.The course of study has been thorough, exacting, and extremely beneficial as Iseek to fulfill my role in assisting the pastor of my local church. Not onlyhave I learned through the academic work and the instructionsof the professors, but I have been given the tools to be ever-learning in thefuture. My pastor has recognized the benefit of the training I have received through Omega. Iam indeed grateful to Omega for its wonderful curriculum,guidance, and the spiritual standing of its faculty.

—Theda Wolfe, NY(Presbyterian)

Greetings in the name of our risen Christ. Itgives me great joy to tell you about the many blessings that we have received.Thank you Omega staff for your day-to-day affairs of ministering the Word ofGod. Thank you for your efforts and patience.
—Virgil Corprew, VA (IndependentBaptist)

My husband and I could not possible express thebenefits we have gained through our studies at Omega this past year and a half.Knowledge of the Word, personal discipline, and precious time spent with theLord would top the list. Ephesians 4:12 would sum up our “Omega” experience.Thank you and God bless!

—James “Al” and Cathy Lawson, NC (AEGA Ministries)

I wanted to let you know how very much I am enjoying my studies as a student of Omega. Thecourses are relevant, thorough, and challenging. Sincere heartfelt thanks toyou for making this type of quality Biblical education possible. These studieshave sparked a desire within me to continue to grow in the grace and knowledgeof our Lord.

— Jim Brissey, FL (AEGA Ministries)

Although Iwas trained in two different associations in the ministry, I was still looking for a Bible schoolwhich taught just the Bible and not organizational tradition. Thank God for Omega!They not only teach straight Bible, they also teach in great depths, theshadows and types. This kind of college is hard to find. I recommend Omega toall my friends and to anyone who is interested in pursuing a degree in a Bibleschool. 

—ElmerConley, IN (United Baptist)

I received my Bachelor ofBiblical Studies and Master of Theology from Omega. Although I went to anothercollege for my Doctor of Theology, my heart remains with the good people at thehome I found in Omega. They know you by your first name. My one experience Iwish to share with you is the time my grade was not up to par. The people fromOmega took their time to call me and prepare me for receiving my only B– forthat school. With love, Omega cared for me and I will always care for them.

—GeorgeR. Gain, SC (United Methodist)